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Our Services

At Transfuture, our specializations are basically divided into six broad heads. These heads have been distinguished on the basis of expertise requirements and complexity of the issues faced by the clients. The heads are as follows:

Our specialist teams have been providing these services for more than 10 years now. With our clients based in UK, USA, Canada & other countries & our associate offices in USA & UK, we are well placed to provide customized solutions through domain expertise, experience and profile & qualifications of our dedicated partners, directors & consultants.

Services: Service
​Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

The profile of our clients range from Private Individuals to Family Owned Businesses to Corporations. Accounting has been the bedrock of Transfuture & we pride ourselves on maintaining an accuracy levels of 99.95% when it comes to timely & quality delivery of services. Let’s just say, we have been lucky enough to not have a dissatisfied client of our Accounting services.


Our specific accounting services consist of the following:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Accounting & Reporting

  • Taxation Services

  • Accounts Payable & Receivables processing & reconciliation

  • eFiling & Documentation conversion

  • Cloud Accounting


Our team is proficient with working on all the leading global accounting software like Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and more.


We do account filing, returning & reporting as per the standards followed in the UK, USA, Canada & Dubai.



Members of our “Tax” team are working on tax systems of USA, UK and Canada. Our tax solutions are designed for cross border transactions & establishment of different business entities in countries around the world. Also, the tax filing of local tax returns of the above-mentioned countries is undertaken by our expert team.

We can work with your Chartered Accountants & Chartered Public Accountants for providing easy & efficient solutions for the clients.


Our specific taxation services consist of the following:

  • HMRC/IRS Tax Return Preparation

  • Payroll & Payroll Tax preparation & payment

  • VAT/Sales Tax / GST preparation & payment

  • FBAR preparation under FATCA 

  • Expatriates Tax Advisory for US, UK & Indian Nationals having dual citizenship or PR (Permanent Residency) in more than one nation



It can be very hard to navigate through the various regulatory & non-regulatory compliances that firms are subjected to nowadays. Transfuture has dedicated resources whose only job is to research & be up-to-date with all the major and minor compliances that our clients have to meet. Please note that all our compliance advisory services are provided based on the Nature of Specific Industries.

Our team is expert in meeting the deadlines well before time & that is what we guarantee all our clients.


Our specific Compliance services are:

  • FCA Regulatory Compliance (UK)

  • Securities & Exchange Commission Compliance (USA)

  • Policy & Procedure reviews & updates.

  • Provision of Regulatory Updates

  • Reviews of Client Documentation & Advertising Material

  • FTA Federal Trade Commission (US)

Management Information Servces

Management Information Services

How handy it is, if the management has all the company related information seamlessly accessible to them with a few clicks. Our MIS experts are trained to find actionable information from the endless business data that any company receives on a daily & periodic basis. Our aim through this service is to provide Long-term Value to top-level managers for making Informed Decisions for the growth of the company.


The specific offerings mentioned-below are all drivers for better Organizational Performance which supports you in standing apart from your competitors:

  • Business Process Analysis & Re-engineering

  • Management Reporting with Excel & other tools

  • Development of Parameter Based Control Frameworks

  • Risk Management

  • Performance Analysis & Optimization

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Every company generates tremendous amount of Business Data dynamically. Our Data Analysis services support our clients in Gathering, Analyzing & Visualizing their business data by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for all of their company processes.

All of our analysis & inputs provide Objective Information which leads to generating hidden value in the daily & strategic activities of the company.


Our specific Data Analysis services are:

  • Trend Analysis

  • Development, Analysis & Visualization of Customer & Employee KPI’s

  • Development, Analysis & Visualization of other process based KPI’s like Sales, Finance, Marketing & others.

Cross-border Advisory Services

Cross-border Advisory Services

With our position and experience in the global outsourcing industry, Cross-Border Advisory Services is something we have developed recently, seeing the recent upsurge in companies & individuals wanting to have a global footprint & identity & wanting to make use of the specific value dynamics on offer in different countries around the world.

We have a dedicated desk for these segment who caters to companies & individuals according to local time zones.


Our Cross-Border Advisory Services are:

  • Expatriates Tax Advisory for US, UK & Indian Nationals having dual citizenship or PR (Permanent Residency) in more than one nation.

  • Forex risk management advisory for managing risk of Forex inflow/outflow commitments.

  • Financial Business Advisory Services to meet your strategic and tactical business needs.

  • Market Entry Strategical Report

  • Secondary Research Reports relating to Product Information, Market Information, Competitor Information.

Pricing Model

Our Pricing Models

The nature of the outsourcing industry requires that our Pricing Models are very transparent & flexible.

Our Pricing takes into account factors like:

  • Complexity of the Project

  • One-off or recurring nature of service

  • Project Ticket Size

As far as the Pricing Models for our MIS, Data Analysis & Cross-Border Advisory services go, the nature of these services is very Project Specific & Business Requirement centric, so our prices are customizable. Although, the basis of calculating is Man-Hours taken to complete a particular project along with the above-mentioned factors.

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